Resonant Decor in color scheme Prism
Resonant Decor
There are certain sounds that bring to your mind vivid emotion and imagery.

Resonant Decor captures the waves of those sounds on canvas in your brilliant color choice.
Custom designed to fit your style.
Resonant Decor options
You choose the options to personalize your artwork.
  • Created from any sound you desire.
  • Choose from 25 preset or custom colors.
  • Select from five landscape sizes.
  • Include a personal message on your private Resonant Decor webpage.
Each piece personally created.
How Resonant Decor is made.
Your audio is made into unique artwork.
  1. You upload your chosen audio.
  2. We capture your sound wave.
  3. We create your unique image.
  4. Your artwork is printed on canvas.

Resonant Decor™ Examples
Personalized Resonant Decor example created from sound of Seagulls

This image is an example of the type
of waveform a 15-second recording of
birds could look like in our unique
design with color scheme Deep Sea.

Hit the play button below to hear the
audio that created this Resonant Decor.

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